Thursday, April 30, 2009

5 Ways To Save Money On Learning Styles


1.      If you know your child’s Learning Style, you won’t waste money on fashionable learning tools that don’t help.


How much is your child’s future success worth to you? Would you buy them educational software, fancy Cuisenaire Rods, private tuition, wall posters?


You may be wasting your money. A child who does not learn well with a computer will not benefit from even the best educational software. A child whose greater strength is learning alone will not learn well with a tutor. Wall posters are great, but only for those who learn in a visual manner.


Your child’s Learning Style is the way in which they learn best, all their strengths and non-preferences regarding the input, the learning environment, the social groupings and their attitude towards learning.


What does your child’s Learning Style need in order to learn best? Find out.


2.      If you know your child’s Learning Style, you won’t waste money on motivational rewards.


Some children will be motivated in their studies by a promise of a treat, gift or outing, and they will go out of their way to collect stars or reward points. Others are internally motivated and will not respond to the carrot-or-stick scenario. Is your child externally or internally motivated?


3.      Get the Student version.


All our LSA instruments for children come in two versions: the full package that contains the report for the child’s teacher and parent, and the Student version that has the report for the child. To save money, you can buy the Student version.



4.      Buy in bulk.


It’s the old paradox: the more you buy, the more you save.

Check out our volume discount rates.


5.      Join the CL club.


If you’re a school, you can get a discount from us. Click here to find out about the CL Club.



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