Thursday, April 09, 2009

E-learning and Learning Styles

To E-Learn or not to E-Learn - It’s a Matter of Style


E-Learning has many advocates and many obvious advantages. Nevertheless, a recent article attempted to argue that nothing could beat face-to-face learning with a real teacher. So, let us examine the issue more closely.


Teacher Contact


  • The article claims that: “the more contact we have with our teachers the better we learn”. True... for many people, particularly those who accept teacher authority. But what about those who don’t?
  • Research of Learning Styles has shown that students who have no respect for teacher figures would benefit from the non-challenging non-authoritative environment of E-Learning.



Verbal and Visual Clues


·        What about the fact that “humans are designed to learn from one another using both verbal and visual clues”? Also true. Except that many people’s Learning Style Analysis (LSA) profiles indicate a non-preference for verbal and visual input.

·        Students whose strength lies in tactile learning (particularly that combined with learning through words) will benefit from E-Learning more than they would by only attending class.



Social Groups


·        Learning in groups is not just socially more enjoyable, it is a proven source of motivation.” Again, yes for some, no for others.

·        If you look at the Learning Style Pyramid, you will observe that some people prefer learning alone, others with just one friend, others yet in a group or a team. Those who like learning by themselves will flourish under the E-Learning Model.

·        Oh, and speaking of motivation... check out the Motivation Element, too. Not everybody is motivated by the same source.



What’s your Style?


  • Are you a good candidate for E-Learning? Find out.

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