Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 Common Learning Mistakes - and how your Learning Style can help


  1. Studying the way your best friend does


You visit your best friend and you see that she has colour-coded folders for every school subject, where she keeps self-created mind-maps and highlighted texts from the textbooks. You think it’s a terrific idea and you buy your own set of folders... only it’s soooo boring to keep them up to date!


If that’s the case, chances are that your Learning Style is not analytic, and it may not be visual (click here to see what that means). You need to discover your own Learning Style and find out how you study best. Here’s how to do it.



  1. Doing homework the way your teacher says


·        Sit up straight at a desk.

·        Have a bright desktop lamp.

·        Make sure the room is quiet.


These are good suggestions, but only for people with preference for a silent, light-filled, formal environment. What does your Learning Style need in order to learn best? Find out.



  1. Leaving learning till last


Some people do well in tests even if they only study the night before or early on the morning of the test. When you try, however, you are too tired to concentrate.


That’s probably because your Learning Style doesn’t allow you to function well under pressure, plus you’re probably not a night owl or a lark. Discover what your Learning Style strengths are.



  1. Regular revision


All learners benefit from regular revision, but some people do not benefit from keeping to the same routine when revising. Does your Learning Style prefer variety or sameness? New ways or old ways? A predictable time slot? We can help.




  1. Study aids


Having study aids that are inappropriate for your Learning Style is even worse than having no study aids at all. If you are not tactile, tactile instruments will frustrate you. If you’re not auditory, learning tapes will bore you? What do you personally need?







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