Thursday, December 07, 2006

Coping With Stress And Boredom At Work

by Sharon D'Penha

Are you stressed... or bored... in your job?

Working Styles differ from person to person. Mary, an Office Manager has just started a new job. But will she cope? Mary is the type of person who enjoys routine: change, even a happy positive change like a new job, makes her nervous. Office management is a multi-tasking job that requires the person to be well-organized and meeting deadlines. We can all multi-task and meet deadlines when we need to, but if it’s not our natural style, we will find the experience stressful. Mary likes working with people, but the new job offers little people-interaction (they have a Personnel Manager for that), which may lead to boredom and dissatisfaction.

When you do the Working Style Analysis (WSA) assessment, you learn what type of work environment suits you best and how to organize yourself in that environment. Do you like the environment quiet or noisy while you work? What seating arrangement suits you? How can you most effectively cope with pressure and meet your deadlines, given your unique Working Style?

The WSA assessment shows you how to think positively and what changes to make in your work environment to work more efficiently and effectively. Understanding your own Working Style and that of your colleagues will also improve your relations and communications at work.

Working Style Analysis is the best way to analyze how you can work best. It brings out the real “YOU”. All you need to do is DO THE ASSESSMENT!

So go ahead and learn what works best for you in a challenging world of change at We are here to assist you.

It’s never too late (go on, it’s not a test)
Find out today what works for you best!

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Alex said...

Hi Sharon,

Nice link and thanks for sharing it.

Stress is there in every profession and your idea is really good to follow. Please have a look at my ideas and plans of stress relieving.