Thursday, April 16, 2009

Learning Styles and Surfing the Internet

Does Your Learning Style Make You A Computer Slave?


In today’s world, it’s good to be good with technology. It’s good to see computers as fun. It’s good to feel at home on the Internet.


But can too much computer time be harmful?




When you're a teenager, your popularity is determined by the number of friends you have on Bebo, MySpace and Facebook. So far, so good.


Recent research suggests, however, that our brains evolve to know no more than 150 people, including those in your house, family circle and neighbourhood. 150! Most city schools today are twice the size, and we're not counting childhood friends, the kids in the street who go to a different school, your mates from swimming lessons, and so on.


Add to that people you befriend online, and you can almost smell your brain short-circuiting as you try to sort out the Jenny from ballet and the Jenny from school and Aunt Jenny and Jenny online who goes by the handle born2bwild....


Some people like socialising on the Net more than others. Do you?

Discover Your Style.




Today’s teachers expect Internet research and projects generated in word processors. Is learning with the computer your strength? Do your Learning Style Assessment (LSA) to see whether you would be better off with a field trip or a DVD.



What’s your Fun Style?


What do you do for fun? Play computer games or climb trees?

(Just something to think about.)


Do you spend too much time in front of the computer? Find out.




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