Thursday, May 07, 2009

Gifts for Mother’s Day


Do you know your child’s Learning Style?


If you’re a mother, your child’s success is probably the best gift you can imagine for Mother’s Day.


Did you know? Your child’s achievements at school, sports and social interactions depend on how well you know their Learning Style. Note: it’s not that one Learning Style is better than another. It’s simply that knowing your child’s Learning Style empowers you to help them learn using their strengths.



What is a Learning Style?


A Learning Style is the way in which your child learns best, all their strengths and non-preferences regarding the input, the learning environment, the social groupings and their attitude towards learning.


What does your child’s Learning Style need in order to learn best? Find out.



What is a Learning Style Analysis (LSA)?


LSA is an online tool that reveals HOW your children can:

·        learn to enjoy doing homework,

·        perform better at school,

·        become better communicators,

·        get the grades and the recognition they deserve.



Our Mother’s Day Gift To You


We are proud to be able to offer you 50% off our LSA MINI Student tool.

Simply quote this promo code in your shopping basket: 8ZA4EAB.

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