Friday, May 04, 2012

Outdoor Play Good For You Brain

A recent study discovered less than 50% of New Zealand children engage in daily outdoor play, even though most of them live within easy walking distance from a playground or park.

That's despite the fact that outdoor play greatly benefits brain development. Children who play outside every day have been scientifically proved to have better motor coordination, more ability to concentrate, and fewer attention-deficit disorders. 

Outdoor play develops children's imagination and creativity. It helps them socialise, connect with nature, and develop skills to work within teams.

So why don't we place more emphasis on playing outside? The weather and the constant lack of time are often cited as reasons. But perhaps our Learning Styles have to claim some of the responsibility, too? If our children are not kinesthetic and have a non-preference for mobility, it's hard work to get them outdoors, particularly if we ouselves share the same learning style elements.

What is your child's learning style? Find out.

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