Thursday, May 31, 2012

Never Too Late To Learn Your Learning Style

According to research, doing badly in primary school does not always prevent you from getting good results further down your education path. A study which has followed the lives of 500 young people throughout their school careers reveals that it's never too late to seek support from parents and teachers to improve your grades.

What's the starting point in supporting a child who wants to do better at school?
Determine their Learning Style, that unique way in which they learn best.

The Competent Learners study followed the students' progress from just before they started school until they turned 16. It found that over 50% of the children who under-performed as 8-year-olds still went on to graduating from high school.

"The period from age 10-14 appears to be a time when it is particularly important for teachers and parents to watch for signs that children are turning away from school and learning," the study concluded.

What can you do to keep the students focussed on school work? Make sure they're taught according to their Learning Style so their attention span doesn't waver.

A child allowed to learn their way will be happier, better adjusted, better behaved and, never forget, will achieve their potential at school.

Analyse your child's learning style today.

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