Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inspiring People - Gurutej Khalsa

Gurutej Khalsa has known since she was six years old that she wanted to lead others to their greatness. She is a born leader, a creational genius, and a visionary thought leader. A founding practitioner of Kundalini, Gurutej is one of a handful of Kundalini Yoga Masters in the world. She has taught people for over 40 years to connect to their higher consciousness through healing, meditation, yoga, and chanting. She lives and breathes the meaning of her Sikh name, “the one who brings you from darkness into light at the speed of light.”

Caveat: Your reaction to this post will probably depend on whether you're more of a holistic or sequential processor. Which hemisphere governs your brain? Find out.

In the video clip that follows, Gurutej shares her thoughts on communication.

Watch the video here.

The theory in Gurutej's latest e-book, The Moon She Rocks You, is claimed to be the next biggest leap after Men are from Mars Women are from Venus.

If you are a woman, knowing about The Moon Centers gives you power over your
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