Friday, May 11, 2012

Bullying - Can Learning Styles Help?

New Zealand news is full of the latest wave of bullying at school and on social media (read the story here). It's sad. It's scary. And, in many cases, it can be avoided.
  • Sometimes a bully is somebody who is bullied themselves, at home or in the neighbourhood.
  • Sometimes a bully (typically a cyber bully) doesn't even realise their behaviour is hurtful.
  • Sometimes a bully is trying to communicate their frustrations in this most unfortunate of manners.

Can Learning Styles help? You bet.

Many children become rebellious at school because they feel bored, stifled and misunderstood. The solution for their disruptive behaviour lies in satisfying the needs of their unique Learning Style.

Dealing with a bully is no different. You only need to look at their learning style report to see what's behind the fists and the hurtful words.

Learning Style Analysis - it's not only about classroom learning. It's about behaviour, responsibility, perseverance and making friends.

Try it out today.


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