Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learning Styles - Sound, Temperature, Work Area

In last week's blog, we explored the effect light  has on the quality of homeschooling. Today, we will look at the remaining 3 elements of the LSA Pyramid that deal with the learning environment: sound, temperature, work area.

As parents, we are so used to making decisions for our children and so used to knowing what's best for them, we sometimes tend to forget to consult them about the choices we make. If the light in the learning room in too dim for us, we turn it up. If it's too hot, we open the window.

As teachers, however, we must remember the children's learning preferences come first. They are the ones who need to concentrate on new and difficult concepts. And the good news is that, just like with the lights, it's super easy to ensure all the children have the learning environment they need, even if they have to share the room.

Some ideas for children who need silence include:
  • ear plugs
  • ear phones (if they are also auditory learners)
  • indoor tents or caves made from old towels (if they also need dim lighting).
Ideas for learners who need an informal work area:
  • bean bags
  • cushions
  • sofas and armchairs
  • floor nests made from cardboard boxes and blankets.
Only one question left now. What is your child's Learning Style?

(Please note: Although these posts deal chiefly with homeschooling, the same principles apply in the conventional classroom.)

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