Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Art of Communication

49 elements make up your personal learning style, and about half of them have a direct bearing on the way in which you communicate with others:

· Visual communication versus auditory communication

  • Whether you give and receive new information sequentially or holistically
  • Time of day (some people tend to think better first thing in the morning, others do not).

· Setting (formal or informal - they both mean different things to different people and can make them feel uneasy).

· Mobility (some people think better when literally on their feet).

· Light (the lighting in the room should vary according to the needs of the individuals. It really is a myth that brighter light is better. People who prefer dimmer lighting find bright fluorescent light stressful and bothersome.)

· Background noise (to some people, a silent environment is the only way to work, but others may feel energised by the friendly hum of a busy office or by quiet music.)

· Speed (is the person you’re speaking to somebody who likes to make quick decisions, or do they need time to reflect on what you’d said).

· Content (is humour going to be appreciated? Should you use a real-life example or an anecdote? Is a list a good idea? Bullet points? Graphs and pictures? Are you better off with a set of slides or one really good physical model of what you’re trying to convey?)

How do you communicate? Find out today.

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