Friday, May 07, 2010

Story Magic - Bring Stories to Life with Learning Styles

We all agree how important it is for the next generation to love books, right?


But when it comes to books, it's not all about reading... not only about the skill of reading. It's also about the actual stories. Stories are a useful way to teach children our values (it pays to be noble and righteous, because good overcomes evil in the end), introduce the concept of "baddies" in a loving, secure environment, as well as inform us about the way things work (from making soup to what a hearing aid is).

All children love stories, so it makes sense to smuggle in new and difficult information to them using the medium of the written word...

... except, of course, not everybody's learning style is visual (words), in other words, not all children enjoy having to read the words themselves.

What is a parent to do?
  • If your child is auditory (internal), click here to listen to children who read stories to other children.
  • Children who are auditory external may prefer to read the stories out loud and to re-tell them to you in their own words.
  • If your child is visual (external), watch this site.
  • Kinesthetic children will enjoy acting out the stories as you read them out loud.
  • Tactile children may want to draw or make the characters from the story, participate in reading touch-and-feel books, or even make ordinary books into tactile books themselves.
To determine your child's learning style, start here.

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Hedremp said...

Puppets are also a great way to utilize story telling - for visual, auditory and tactile learning!