Thursday, April 08, 2010

Are You a Stressed-Out Parent?

If you're a stressed-out parent, you're not alone. Even those seemingly-perfect dads and those yummy mummies have their moments.

Parenting is probably the most rewarding, yet the most strenuous job ever.


It all comes down to your working style:
  • if you operate best in silence, shrieking children will drive you crazy within half an hour;
  • if you are not an early riser, looking after your children at 6A.M. places enough biological stress on your body even when there are no squabbles or ripped pillows to deal with;
  • if you're an analytic thinker, it'll be mega-stressful for you to deal with three simultaneous parenting issues (like feeding the baby while taking the toddler to the toilet and telling the older child to put down the scissors);
  • click here to see more Style Elements that may clash with your parenting responsibilities.
Are you ready to find out what your Working Style as a Parent is? Simply complete your WSA Combo and send us the resulting PDF file. We will email you back with a detailed analysis of your Parenting Style.

Communication is the second contributor to your levels of stress. If you issue verbal commands, yet your children are not auditory, you are on the road to Burnout Land, fast.

What is the best way to get through to your children? Let them complete their Learning Style Analysis to find out.

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