Friday, February 27, 2009

The Secret of Stress-Free Teaching with Learning Styles

Attention All Teachers

Everybody has a unique way of learning new and difficult information. To have a good day at school, all you need to do is satisfy the learning style needs in your class....


Easier Said Than Done?

If you look at Learning Styles, you will see 48 elements that need to be taken into account when teaching new and difficult concepts.

  • Some students will need less light in the room.
  • Some will need to discuss the new topic among themselves.
  • Others will not function well in the morning hours.

How can you possibly please them all?


The Secret

A student whose learning style is not matched, is a student who won’t learn. The secret of Stress-Free Teaching with Learning Styles lies in clever classroom management that helps you match your lesson plan to suit everybody’s needs. Our free group profile tool allows you to see an instant overview of your students’ strengths and learning needs, while our LSA Manual offers generic ideas on how to teach your specific group of students.


A Bonus Tip

If a group within your class is highly tactile and needs Learning Style Tools, don’t panic. You need not make the tools yourself. Your tactile students will be delighted to make their own flip-chutes and Question-Answer cards (thus learning the material while they’re making the tool).


Now that’s what I call magic.


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