Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you teach the way you learn?

Do you teach the way you learn?


For decades, it’s been an accepted premise that we teach the way we learn. For example, if your learning style is highly analytic, you will teach in a highly analytic way, in other words, point by point and going into a lot of detail.


However, Creative Learning and Prashnig Style Solutions have embarked recently on a journey to explore the premise. We’re helping researchers to compare learning and teaching styles worldwide in an attempt to solve the global education crunch.


While the answers will still take many months to determine, here is a fun game for you. Have a look at the Learning Style Pyramid and try to guess which elements:

  • will match the statement “you teach the way you learn”
  • will be in direct contradiction to that statement (for example, if as a teacher, you rebel against authority, will you let your students rebel against you?)
  • will match the teaching style’s logical “reciprocal” or correlated learning element (for example, if you learn by talking and therefore you teach by talking, your best possible match will be students who learn by listening).


Parents and teachers, what is your own Learning Style

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