Thursday, February 19, 2009

School Discipline and Learning Styles

Q: What do Learning Styles have to do with discipline at school?



Everybody has their own unique way of learning new and difficult information. A student whose learning style is not matched, is a student under stress. A student whose learning style is not matched, is a frustrated, discouraged and bored student. A student whose learning style is not matched will misbehave, either by playing the class fool or switching off and staring out the window. And that’s the best-case scenario!


Have you heard of incidents such as the following?

·        Children running around in class, not listening to the teacher?

·        Children not caring about consequences?

·        Children being violent in the playground?


That’s because their learning styles needs have not been met for such a long time, those children have actually lost their respect for the education system and their in-born drive to learn. Research around the world has shown a massive improvement in both behaviour and academic results following the implementation of learning styles.


Check out our free group profile tool to see what easy changes you could make in your classroom (such as flicking off the lights or moving a few desks) to ease your students’ stress... not to mention yours!



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Here's a tips I got: When 'learning styles' affect others ability to learn, it's a problem but is solved by cornering the one with the "different learning style" and forcing them through the motions of the majority and that is discipline.