Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Secret of Stress-Free Homework with Learning Styles

You can't do it? We're here to help!


Would You Buy Your Homework Online?

It’s not a joke! The French are doing it already: for just a few EURO their kids can download answers to their maths homework problems. "It is shocking. It defeats the purpose of education,” said a secondary school teacher in Paris. 


Of Course You Wouldn’t

The point of maths homework (and indeed, of most homework) is that you learn by repetition. The human brain evolved to notice patterns, and we are biologically programmed to derive enormous intellectual satisfaction from recognising the rules that govern a certain type of problem. For example:

·        210+30=240

·        310+30=340

·        410+30=440

·        510+30=540

·        ... oh, you mean when you add 30, you just change the middle column? COOL!!!


Homework In Style

Creative Learning instruments for assessing Learning Styles identify 48 elements that you need to consider when doing homework:

  • light
  • temperature
  • time of day
  • need for variety
  • need for a formal setup
  • need for parental supervision
  • etc.


What is a parent to do?


The Secret

The secret is our unique Learning Style Analysis. Let your child fill in our easy online questionnaire to access the full report of their learning needs and things that make learning harder for them.




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