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Learning Styles and the Magic of Group Profiles

Learning Styles and the Magic of Group Profiles


Why Learning Style Group Profiles Are Better Than Lesson Planning


What are Learning Style Group Profiles?

Learning Style Group Profiles are a free tool available from Creative Learning. When your class has completed their Learning Style Analysis (LSA) profiles and you’re faced with reading 16 pages of results for every student, you can create a group profile for your class instead.


A group profile is a summary of all the learning strengths and flexibilities in your class. It will empower you as the teacher to get to know what makes your pupils tick when it comes to:

a.       Behavioural problems

b.      Learning challenges

c.       Attention span

d.      Motivation

e.       Conforming

f.        Reliability

g.       Finishing tasks

h.       Making deadlines

i.         Dealing with tests.


Common Lesson Planning Mistakes

As a teacher, you will be expected to create lesson plans. However, it’s all too easy to get so caught up in the admin process that you lose the sight of the true purpose of lesson planning. Here are the most common ways of lesson planning going wrong:

·        The objective does not describe what the student will actually do or achieve.

·        The materials specified in the lesson plan are not right for the objective and not right for the student’s way of learning.

·        The teacher’s instruction method is not efficient for the level of intended student learning give the student’s unique Learning Style and needs.

·        The student activities listed in the lesson plan keep the students busy but do not contribute to the lesson’s objective, particularly if they don’t take into account the students’ varying visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic strengths.


Lesson Planning In Style

Creative Learning instruments for assessing Learning Styles identify 48 elements to consider when doing lesson planning for your group, while the Group Profile allows you to align your lesson plan with the students’ learning strong points.


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