Thursday, October 23, 2008

Teenagers learn well to live well

There is more to learning than school and university:
  • some things you learn are useful, such as reading and writing
  • some things you learn are fun, like a sport or a new game
  • some things you learn can save lives - including your own life.

What skills don’t you have that could potentially save a life?

  • First aid?
  • Survival swimming?
  • Snow rescue basics?
  • Safe driving?

    A research experiment in Toronto aimed at teaching teens about the risks of driving, confirmed that while teenagers learnt well, they also forgot quickly.

    I bet the researchers did not use Learning Style Analysis in their experiment, or the teens would have scored much better!

    Learning styles will show you how you can master any life skill: be it driving, squash, paintball, bridge, oil painting, speaking Japanese or effective communication.

    What life skills or life-saving skills do you want to get this year? Make it easy on yourself with this super-easy 2step process:
  1. Ask yourself: what is my Learning Style?
  2. Find out.

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