Thursday, October 02, 2008

Learning Styles and Teens - Part 3

Learning Styles help teenagers in many areas. Too many people limit their practice of learning styles to school, homework and learning new things. While learning styles do help you achieve academic success, they can also:

· Improve your sports performance in a sport of your choice.
· Help you understand the way the opposite gender thinks.
· Decrease your stress levels.
· Show you how to manage time better.
· Make your parents understand you.

For example...

If your room is a mess, relax: you’re not alone. Most teenagers battle with their parents for the right to keep their rooms the way they like it.

But did you know that being messy could be more than a “teenage thing”? Whether you are organised or disorganised, tidy or messy, punctual or unable to keep track of time a biological (inherent and often inherited) function of your brain.

Perhaps you and your parents can strike a deal: you will keep the bathroom, kitchen and lounge tidy in exchange for them allowing your room to be as untidy as you please?

Your Learning Style report will tell you whether you are untidy by nature. It will also offer you tips on how to help you get organised.

What is your Learning Style? Find out.

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