Thursday, October 09, 2008

Learning Styles and Teen Relationships

Opposites Attract!

Calling all teenagers! You’ve probably heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Although this is a broad generalisation, there is some merit to the argument that women solve their problems by talking while men retreat to their cave.

Learning styles will show you how to treat and talk to your romantic partner based on their specific learning style, to minimise misunderstandings and potential areas of conflict.

To avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in your romantic relationships, remember the following:
· If she tells you about her problem, listen. Really listen. Don’t interrupt, don’t ask questions, don’t offer solutions. Simply nod and make encouraging “mmmm” noises.
· If he’s particularly quiet, don’t assume it’s something you’ve done or that he’s about to break up with you. Most likely, he’s stressed or preoccupied about something. He may even have a headache. Let him be.
· If she asks you to do five things in one breath, ask her to repeat them slowly so that you can write them down.
· If he takes his time before making up his mind, don’t hurry him.
· If she’s looking particularly lovely, tell her. Don’t expect her to read your mind.
· If his car looks like a mess, think twice before offering to clean it out: he may genuinely need all the pieces of paper, tennis balls and pairs of shoes he drives around with.
· Communicate using your partner’s communication style: if they are visual, send them an SMS; if they are auditory, give them a call; if they like lists, then give them lists.
· Tell your partner what your preferred communication style is.

What is your Learning Style? Find out.

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