Thursday, October 16, 2008

Learning Styles and Teenagers: Your Future Job

Because some jobs require shift work...
Because some jobs mean working under stress...
Because some jobs are better suited to visual people, while other jobs require moving around...

... you can use your Learning Style report for your career planning.

Learning styles will show you how to communicate, plan your work, manage your time and handle deadlines.

The report also contains recommendations as to which careers may or may not be suitable for you. For example, if you can’t stand routine, your profile will say: “As you love change, and enjoy trying out new things, you hardly ever do the same thing the same way twice. It is important that you take into account your strong need for variety and your love of change when you consider future career planning.”
While at school, you will probably do most tasks and projects alone or with a chosen friend. Work, however, is different. Some of the time, you will be expected to be part of a team, working with people you may not know very well, or not like very much, or whose Learning Style is radically different from yours. And some of the time you will need to work alone. No choice, no arguments.
It is also important to check your attitude with respect to:
perseverance, and
before you decide to accept a specific job offer.

Remember, it is even more important in the current economic crisis that you choose a job that matches your Learning and Working Style. If you’re a mismatch, you will not hold the job for long and, what’s worse, your record will be blemished forever... when it’s not even your fault.

What is your Learning Style? Find out.

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