Friday, March 28, 2014

Your Maths Learning Style

What are learning styles and why is it important for parents to know about them?

 ·         If you ask a child who needs movement to sit still and memorise a times-table, you’re unlikely to get good results. You would do far better if you allowed them to walk around or play hopscotch on a makeshift map of times-tables.
·         Tactile children, would love to use Koosh balls and learn better by using self-correcting learning tools (flip chutes, electro boards) and other hands-on activities. 
·         Auditory children benefit from making tapes of their lessons (either recording their teachers in class, or reading the material themselves out loud).  E.g., chanting the times-tables.
·         Kinesthetic children may make schoolwork more interesting by miming the lesson or staging a production.

Learning Styles help answer the following questions:
·         Does your child like working alone or with a friend?
·         Does your child like doing homework at the desk or on the sofa?
·         Can they concentrate on board games, puzzles and maths problems in the morning better than in the evening?

Discover your child's learning style - today. 


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Gillian Dunn said...

Parents and tutors need to understand every kid. All kids are different, they have different picking power. So time has to be devoted and smart study is required.