Friday, March 21, 2014

Un-schooling and Learning Styles

Back in the 1970s John Holt, an American educator and proponent of home schooling, said: “It's not that I feel that school is a good idea gone wrong, but a wrong idea from the word go. It's a nutty notion that we can have a place where nothing but learning happens, cut off from the rest of life.

The un-schooling approach provides a stimulating environment, creativity materials, books, learning tools and, most importantly, adults ready to interact and answer questions. Children learn in an unstructured way, by following their natural curiosity. 

Critics say this can lead to education gaps caused by glossing over some knowledge areas, plus it’s trickier to assess the child’s progress. The goal of un-schooling, however, is not testable achievement - instead, it’s fostering a love of learning by pursuing topics meaningful and appealing to the child.   
Is your child's Learning Style Suitable to un-schooling? Here a a few indicators:

  • Does your child have a non-preference for structured learning?
  • Do they like parental authority?
  • Are they a self-starter?
Do their Learning Style Analysis today to find out.

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