Thursday, April 03, 2014

Manage Your Time

Do it in style - according to your own unique Working Style features. A Working Style is the way in which people concentrate, work on something new and/or difficult, make decisions, take information in and solve problems.

The time of day in which you concentrate best is part of your Working Style too. Is getting up with the birds every morning a challenge for you? Do you find it difficult to stay awake in the evening? Blame your Working Style, not just your workload. And how about the afternoon? Does it happen that you push unwanted tasks into the time after lunch and then find that you are stuck and don’t get the disliked job done? So you put it off to the next afternoon and even further if you can.

This is a classical mismatch between a time-of-day non-preference and the attempt to do something difficult or boring just then. Your natural Working Style will make it extremely difficult, often prevent it! You can try to fool your body clock by making it follow a certain work pattern, like early morning business meetings or working on an urgent report till after midnight, but unless that is your natural Working Style, you’ll be doing so at a cost to your overall productivity, even your health.

Whether you approach your work sequentially or prefer multitasking is also part of your Working Style makeup. The latest research shows that multitasking - the very quality so sought after by most employers - can often lead to stress and burnout if your natural inclination is to work on one project at a time. Nevertheless, today’s technology enables - or even demands - us to stretch our attention over several simultaneous activities.

What is your best time management style? Find out.

Time like water....

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