Saturday, August 17, 2013

Learning Truths

Truth 1:

If you find learning difficult, it’s probably because your learning style is different from the teaching style of your teachers. You can learn anything you want if you do it in your own preferred way.

Truth 2:

You have the right to learn in a way that suits you best:
·         Using regular or electronic whiteboards, Power Point presentations and typed information sheets;
·         Listening to the teacher explaining subject topics;
·         Discussing new concepts with your peers;
·         Learning through role-playing and physical games;
·        Making something in order to understand it (e.g. posters of chemical reactions, clay models of hydrogen molecules, tactile/visual learning tools).

Truth 3:

Whether you like it or not, learning will always be part of your life:
·         Computer operating systems change every few years and with them the look of your email and browser applications.
·         Mobile phones get better and more advanced - you will have to learn a new interface soon.
·         You will have to acquire new skills on the job all the time in your future career.
·         You will have to learn to live with new friends and partners in your private life.
·         You will most likely want to learn to drive a car, scuba dive, play the latest electronic game, put up a virtual store of your DVD collection or create your own website.
·         You might even want to learn to live in a new country, with a new set of rules and a new language.

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