Saturday, August 03, 2013

CLS – Learning Style and Experiencing Life

How do you experience the world around you? Is it a collage of images, colours, people’s faces? Is it all sounds, music, echoes of people’s voices, snatches of conversations from two decades ago? Does every object have texture, and even if you don’t touch it you know exactly what it would feel like under your fingers?
Depending on your learning style, you may experience the world in a visual, auditory or tactile manner. You will notice what people wear and the pattern of the wallpaper in a restaurant. Or you will be able to recognise a song after the first three notes. Or you’ll be able to select your favourite mug from the pantry by touch alone.

Depending on your learning style, you will get upset if someone’s late for a meeting… or it won’t bother you at all. Depending on your learning style, you will find bright light stimulating or stressful. Depending on your learning style, you will forever want to crank the thermostat in the office up or down.

In a way, it feels liberating to know it’s not your fault. Your spouse has given you three verbal instructions and you can only remember the words, “Honey, could you please…”? Not your fault. Your work station is messy? Blame your learning style.

The Creative Learning tool for assessing an adult person’s learning style is called the Working Style Analysis (WSA). Create your personal report now.

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