Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Ultimate Productivity Booster

The single most efficient way to increase your productivity is to be happy at work. No system, tool or methodology in the world can beat the productivity boost you get from really, really enjoying your work. (Alexander Kjerulf)

So how do you achieve that? How do you start liking your workplace so much, it actually makes you happy to go to work every day?

A lot has to do with the work conditions and the environment at the office. Yes, a good boss and friendly colleagues go a long way to achieve that. But there is also something more basic, more elemental at play: the preferences of your own working style.

Even something as innocuous as the office lights may contribute to your levels of happiness. If you need a darker room in order to concentrate, a brightly lit office (especially one fitted with fluorescent lights) is going to contribute directly to your feeling tense. If, on the other hand, you need bright light and sunshine, a dark office or artificial lights will depress you or slow you down do that your productivity is affected.

Another element that can contribute to the amount of stress you feel when trying to work is the time of day. If you’re an evening person, for example, it’s physically stressful on your body and brain to function early in the morning. If you’re not a night owl, it will be stressful and exhausting for you to try and catch up on work when everyone else is asleep. Determine when your best “working time” is (early morning, late morning, after lunch, after supper) and try to do the bulk of your work then, particularly the complex and difficult bits. You'll emerge a lot happier and more productive.

What's your working style

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