Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reading to a child raises IQ

A team of researchers recently examined eight different studies of childhood development and concluded that “reading to a child in an interactive style raises his or her IQ by over 6 points.”

So what does it mean, to read in an interactive style?
  • Read the book out aloud, with the child sitting next to you, possibly following the text with their eyes and fingers.
  • Do different voices for different characters.
  • Ask the child to be one of the characters, or to read alternating pages.
  • Pause to explain words you think the child may not be familiar with.
  • Pause to ask factual questions about the text: "What is Red Riding Hood carrying in her basket?"
  • Pause to ask interpretative questions about the text: "Do you think she made a wise choice to stop and talk to the wolf?", "How would the story work out if she hadn't?"
Of course, your children will respond best to interactive reading if their learning style is auditory (listening and talking).

What is your child's unique learning style?

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