Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

Did you know?
  1. Researchers at Hiroshima University conducted a study, called The Power of Kawaii (Japanese for ''cute''), which found that the positive emotions produced by looking at baby animals seems to trigger not only happiness but a ''narrowed attentional focus'', which in turn improves our ability to concentrate. They suggested workers be subjected to cute images to induce careful behaviour.
  2. Everybody has the best time of day in which they are at their most productive. When is yours?
  3. Our lives and brains are cluttered with too much information. Go on an Information Diet to eliminate unproductive Internet surfing.
  4. Take a short break - it'll boost your output.
  5. Do you work at your best when the room's silent or filled with soothing background buzz? Find out.
  6. Reward yourself for finishing a task.
  7. Use caller ID and voice mail to make sure the phone doesn't interrupt you unnecessarily.
  8. Some people concentrate better when they nibble a healthy snack or sip water. Do you?
  9. Prioritise your tasks in terms of urgency as well as importance. Remember, if you only ever do the urgent stuff, you may never get to the less urgent but more important things in life.
  10. The light in the office may make you unproductive. Discover how.

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