Thursday, November 08, 2012

Exam Anxiety and Learning Styles

Last week, we hosted a guest to talked to us about overcoming fear and anxiety, a topic that's particularly close to the hearts of  those students about to embark on their school and university exams.

Today, we'll take a closer look at how exam anxiety is linked to your own unique learning style. Essentially, the world is divided into two types of people: those who are fine with exams and those who would rather juggle twin-bladed swords.

If you're an analytic thinker, there's a good chance exams don't cause you more than a butterfly flutter in the pit of your stomach. Provided you knew about the date of the exam well in advance, your organised mind scheduled your learning sessions accordingly without your ever realising it.

If you're a holistic thinker, though, you definitely don't like exams, just like you dislike any other deadline imposed on you. Even holistic thinkers, though, have to write exams from time to time. So how do you cope with that? Firstly, realise that the purpose of the exam is to make sure you've mastered the content of the course you're taking - so if you know your work, there's nothing to worry about. Secondly, have a look at your learning style preferences to determine your best studying environment.

Do you learn better:
  • in a quiet room or with background music on?
  • at a desk or on the bed?
  • with a friend or alone?
  • when you're able to chew gum or snack at the same time?
  • in the morning or the afternoon?
  • from a textbook or by doing things?
  • in the sun or indoors?
Find out today.

Would you rather study here (Shangri-La hotel suite, Sydney)...

... or here? (Shangri-La hotel terrace, Sydney)

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