Thursday, November 15, 2012

Child Prodigies and Learning Styles

  • Brian Greene (born February 9, 1963) could multiply 30-digit numbers at the age 5.
  • Cameron Thompson (born 1997) began studying with the Open University when he was 11. He gained the Cert.Math(Open) qualification at the age of 13.
  • Brianna and Brittany Winner published their first novel at 12 and became America's youngest multiple award winning authors. At the end of fourth grade they used a speech to text software to complete an 80,000-word novel.
  • Akiane Kramarik born in 1994, sold paintings worth three million USD at age 7.
The list of child prodigies goes on and on, in fields such as astronomy, medicine, chemistry, art. We're talking extraordinary abilities here, something that most adults wouldn't be able to accomplish.

Inborn talent? Yes.

Hours and hours of practice? Yes.

Extraordinary inspiration? Probably.

Nevertheless, the children's learning styles have a role to play, too. Typically, a child prodigy's information processing style will be integrated between holistic and analytic, and their way of learning will be multi-sensory. What is your child's learning style? Find out today.

Here is a video clip of Akiane Kramarik painting and playing the piano. Below, one of her paintings.

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