Thursday, April 19, 2012

Déjà Vu - Homework and Grandchildren

When your children left home, you thought you’d seen the last of Pythagoras and his right-angled triangles. You thought wrong.

Remember the Bruce Willis line from DIE HARD 2: “How can the same @#$% happen to the same guy twice?” If you feel like quoting it every afternoon, you’re not alone. Today’s financial reality means more and more grandparents provide after-school care to their grandchildren.

Fortunately, this time round, you can be smarter about fighting in the homework war zone.

We are all unique. We have our own way of doing things. And that includes doing homework.

Research confirms that every child has his or her learning style: that is, the way in which they best learn and memorise new things. “Children can learn virtually anything if allowed to do it through their own personal strengths,” says Barbara Prashnig, an international education expert. “We all learn through our ears, eyes, hands and body. But some children learn through their hands a lot better than through their eyes. And that means that they need to construct a hydrogen molecule out of sticks rather than just stare at a diagram of one.”

Your grandchild has unique needs and non-preferences when it comes to the way they learn and do homework. There is no such thing as a difficult learner - only a learner who hasn’t realised how to learn according to their learning style.

Find out how your grandchild learns best.

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