Friday, June 03, 2011

Your Learning Style and Intuition

Intuition, gut-feel, instinct - call it what you will. We all have it. But whether you pay any attention to the little voice inside your subconscious mind telling you to accept a job or believe a stranger... that's up to your Learning Style.

That's right! Whether you trust your intuition and make impulsive, on-the-spot decisions is dictated by the way in which you process new information, according to the Learning Style Pyramid model advocated by international education expert, Barbara Prashnig.

Intuition has been ridiculed by science for ages. Now it's enjoying a comeback thanks to the excellent book "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell (a number 1 bestseller). Gladwell recounts numerous instances where less information is more and how people from doctors to marriage counsellors only need 10 seconds to determine everything they need to know... provided they listen to their intuition and are happy to make quick decisions.

There are two kinds of people: spontaneous and reflective. Which one are you? Find out today, and discover over 40 other things you didn't know about yourself, using one of our Style Analysis products.

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