Thursday, September 24, 2009

Watch that Maths!!!

Despite the teachers’ best efforts, some students still leave school without rudimentary numeracy skills. The message I keep hearing from parents is simple: watch the maths, because once your child falls behind on the basics, it’s a difficult journey to catch up again.

So how do you watch the maths?
  • Ask your child whether she likes her maths schoolwork and whether she thinks she’s good at it.
  • Ask your teacher whether your child is performing below, at, or above expectations for her age group.
  • Ask yourself what your child’s Learning Style is and what sort of games you can play with her at home to boost her confidence in her ability to “get” numbers. (Have a look here to find out.)

Depending on her learning preferences, you might:

  • Devise a colourful worksheet for your child to complete on a regular basis.
  • Play a board game that involves numeracy skills.
  • Organise a treasure hunt in the woods or on the beach (the clues are based on maths).
  • Make a flip chute or an electro board together (please contact us for more information on making learning tools).

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