Friday, May 22, 2009

Carbon-friendly Learning Styles

Learning a Responsible Life Style

No matter what your Learning Style is, analytic or holistic, visual or tactile, impulsive or reflective, you will have heard of global warming, carbon emissions and their impact on your life style.

If you believe that your life style is ‘costing the earth’, you’re probably right.

  • How much electricity do you use to do your washing, heating the house, surfing the Internet, watching the news on TV, having light in your dining room, cooking your meal, repelling mosquitoes and charging your iPod?
  • How much waste do you add to the planet’s landfills?
  •  Does your food come from the farm next door or from a country across the ocean? Do you know what its carbon footprint is in terms of transport?


Educational Aids and Toys - an Example 

Consider the latest toy or learning aid you’ve purchased. Chances are, it was made in a faraway country using a carbon-expensive production process. Chances are, it came packaged in a large box, a mixture of cardboard, plastic and millions of little wires to hold it attractively in place (the packaging probably took even more carbon emissions to make). Chances are, within a few months the toy will break and join its expensive packaging on the garbage dumb.


Learning Styles Are Environment-Friendly! 

Learning Styles from Prashnig Style Solutions and Creative Learning are environment-friendly. No carbon miles have been involved in their production, because the team works in a virtual office and it’s a clean process. The ready product was ported directly onto the Internet, so there was no transport cost. And because you can purchase our Learning Styles online from the comfort of your home, you don’t clock up carbon miles, either.


Our Offer to You 

Let us show you what learning tools to make at home (without the expensive carbon footprint) depending on your unique Learning Style. (You will need to purchase a profile credit to do your analysis online.)

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