Thursday, December 20, 2007

12 reasons to make this Christmas a Learning Styles Christmas

A learning style is the way in which an individual learns (in other words, understands and remembers) new concepts. Here is why that’s important:

1. Because they are fun.
2. Learning Styles help you understand your own or your children's learning needs and remove barriers to fulfilling the learning potential. Use this holiday break to ensure learning success in your household.
3. Understanding your Learning Style empowers you and leads to better self-esteem.
4. Knowing the Learning Styles of your family and friends helps you understand all their annoying little habits like chewing their nails or daydreaming.
5. Learning Styles are more than the way you learn. They also dictate the way you communicate. When you know your own learning style, as well as the learning style of those around you, it’ll be easier to prevent misunderstandings.
6. Learning Styles are responsible for the way your partner or spouse handles stress - find out how to deal with them “in style”.
7. Did you know that Learning Styles help you predict whether your guests will be on time for the Christmas dinner?
8. How you plan this season’s presents, menu and outfit - whether you plan it with lists or leave it to the last minute wave of spontaneity - is also thanks to your own unique Learning Style.
9. Your Cooking Style. If you run out of brandy for the eggnog or forget to follow the recipe for the turkey stuffing, simply blame your Learning Style.
10. Your Learning Style = Your Romance Style too. Remember it under the mistletoe.
11. Feeling like spending this season online? Take care - your Learning Style may make you more susceptible to Internet fraud.
12. Because this season is about caring and sharing, and giving a Learning Style Analysis from Prashnig Style Solutions will achieve both.

To find out your Learning Style, have a look at this free online demo.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday!

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