Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time Management Tips That Are Right For Your Brain

There are time management courses, time management software packages, time management self-help books and time management articles in professional literature. But let’s face it, time management tips work only if they are right for you and for the unique way in which your brain works.

“Prioritize ruthlessly”, “Get in the habit of setting time limits for tasks” and “Be sure your systems are organized” are all very good time management tips for people whose brains are analytic and detail-oriented, but totally unsuitable for global thinkers.

“Establish routines and stick to them” will work for those who love routine, but will be totally counter-productive for change-oriented variety-driven people.

People who like working alone will not do well by following the tip to “Learn to delegate and outsource” - it would simply be too stressful and too counter-productive to their Working Style.

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Amanda said...

You got to have systems in place.