Thursday, May 24, 2007

The brave new world - is our technology killing us?

A recent British study conducted by BBC researchers revealed emission levels in a classroom that were three times higher than those from a mobile phone mast. The emissions came from the schools’ wireless network.

This made me wonder about all the wonder-ful modern technology we have at our disposal.
· Microwave ovens: have been blamed for lower fertility, particularly in men, as well as for changing the amino-acids in protein-based food such as meat and dairy products.
· Cell phones: there is a slight statistical correlation between cell phones and brain tumours.
· Electricity: by now we probably all know that it’s bad to live under power lines and that you shouldn’t sleep near electrical appliances (a distance of 3 metres has been suggested).
· Computers tire our eyes and bend our spines.
· Pharmaceuticals: we create super-bugs by over-using antibiotics. We may be doing more harm than good by swallowing an anti-congestant and a cough-suppressant every time we are hit by a cold or flu.
· Stress caused by traffic jams, network cable failure, and constant cell phone intrusions. (To learn how to combat stress, please visit us on and complete your WSA profile.)
· And now the wireless Internet issue....

Although there has been no link between long-term radiation and cancer, Britain's Health Protection Agency has called for an urgent review of health risks from wireless Internet networks.

Do you think their worries are justified? Do you think it’s safe to cook meat in the microwave oven? Let us know.

Remember: the fall of the Roman Empire was allegedly caused by lead pipes which were thought to be a great new invention bringing fresh drinking water to the citizens of Rome. (Or was the lead a by-product of the Roman wine-making? So may theories. So little certainty.)

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Sherry said...

My first reaction is, not another thing to worry about. Life is full of things one should avoid. Too much sugar, food additives, power lines, television, computers, deodorants, can't allow my six year old to sit in the front seat of the car - air bags not safe (seems the more we make things 'safe' the more restrictions we introduce...

Guess it could all be true, but what sort of life would it be if you avoided all the things that could harm you? But then again, one doesn't want to get a brain tumour... and what sort of parent would I be if I ignored all the advice... guilt...