Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Barbara's Whereabouts in February

Barbara, in her true wizard style, is in Oz at the moment. She is conducting follow-up LS training with teachers in a large rural high school in Tumbarumba, NSW.

A big hand for the Tumbarumba teachers! They have transformed a rather drab country high school into a marvellous place of learning. The school caters for students' true learning needs right from the beginning and it now even has a beautiful Zen garden right in the middle of the main block for students to enjoy tranquillity, calming green environment and relaxing atmosphere.

Tumbarumba, you rock!

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Seppo Komulainen said...

Tumbarumba Oz
There might not be any snow like here in Finland, but we have soon large rural areas. Why? Because all inhabitant live for centers. School will be closed and in the cities are built school at least 5000 students in each! What do have in future? We might need new tools to teach them! What and how? We´ll see - too soon!
Seppo PJ Komulainen in Lahti