Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yes I can!

“Failure is all in how you define it:
Lessons from the Round the Bays”

By Tanja Gardner, Optimum Life Ltd

No such word as "can't"?

Up until July 2004, I firmly believed I couldn’t run. I had a number of reasons for this – my body's built wrong for it, I’ve torn my knee kickboxing, and despite being fit in other ways, as soon as I even started to jog slowly, my lungs would seize up so badly people around me would think I was having an asthma attack.

I’d tried to teach myself to run before. More than once, in fact. Each time I’d tried, I’d ended up increasing the time I could comfortably run from its base level of something like 30 seconds, to a few minutes, but never to a level where I could use running as one of my cardio methods.

Last year, I got sick of hearing myself say ‘can’t’. I have two legs and two lungs. Both (give or take a piece of cartilage or two) are in good working order. So concluding I can’t run seems somewhat spurious. The part of me that can’t resist a challenge decided I must just need to find a new way to run… and so that I had something specific to aim for, I committed to entering (and running all of) the next “Round the Bays” – Auckland’s annual 8.4km fun run.

I did my research – took out a number of books on running, and joined various online forums and mailing lists. I created a training program for myself, based partly on the BUPA 5km training programme, and partly on the books I’d read. And I started training... (read the rest on http://optimumlife.co.nz/Fitness%20Articles/Failure/Failure.htm)

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