Thursday, December 01, 2005

Where in the world is Barbara today?

Today, Barbara is in Singapore. The name itself is enough to evoke romantic images of Asia, silk and Rudyard Kipling.

In the eighteenth century, Singapore was a disease ridden British colony; a rough island of opium dens and pirates. Today, it is a jungle of glass and concrete, a first-world country in which spitting carries a penalty of up to 1000 Singapore dollars.

Although the city looks European, its flavour is pure Asia. It population is 78% Chinese, 14% Malay, 7% Indian and only 1% “other”. Because of this, Singapore is an excellent gateway for a beginner tourist to pass into Asia.

A fantastic tourist destination. As you've probably guessed, however, Barbara is not there on holiday. Learning Styles are spreading their wings!

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