Thursday, July 24, 2014

What Can You Learn In A Boat?

What can you learn if you sail the world with your parents for a year? In addition to your expected home-schooling lessons, you will learn:
  • minute geographical details of the area you're sailing
  • the culture and the history of every port
  • exposure to foreign languages
  • navigation
  • soft materials technology when mending sails and sewing new clothes from your old ones
  • hard materials technology with boat repairs
  • food technology: meal planning with cans and local produce
  • electronics: when your laptop malfunctions
  • converting from the local currency into your own - in your head
  • the art of bartering and bargaining
  • the dying skill of letter writing
and the list just goes on and on.

A dream come true, not only for kinesthetic learners.

If you don't own a sail boat or can't see yourself shutting down your normal life for a year in order to go on holiday, don't despair. There is always pretend-play. Try it out.

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