Friday, September 13, 2013

Working Style Analysis - More Than A Personality Quiz

Are you a good problem solver? How well do you manage anger? Do stress and anxiety interfere with your life? How strong is your relationship? If you were a tree, would you be a solid oak or a weeping willow? Are your emotional highs and lows normal? Do you focus on a task or zone out? Are you pushing yourself too hard?

If you like doing personality quizzes like the ones above, you will love answering our Working Styles questionnaire. Working Style Analysis is scientifically designed to determine your optimal working mode and environment. Unlike many of the tests available elsewhere, though, this tool will give you:

  • a set of well-researched and reliable guidelines
  • a comprehensive report with summaries and graphs
  • a thorough analysis of 48 elements of your unique Working Style
  • career guidance.
 Check out your Working Style Analysis today.

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