Friday, September 06, 2013

Help - my working style is interfering with me exercise routine!

Say the word routine and, depending on your working style, you will experience either a sense of stifling or a wave of well-being. If you have a preference for variety, the idea of an exercise routine, any sort of routine, will be enough to make you want to run a marathon in order to avoid it. It’s no good for your personal trainer to set up an upper body schedule on Monday, leg exercises on Wednesday and abs on Friday, it’s the mere thought that every Monday you work on your biceps and triceps from 6.30 till 7 will be enough o set your teeth on edge.

So how do you stay fit if you hate routine? Make it as un-routine as possible: swim twice one week and do aerobics the next. Jog around the neighbourhood instead of going to the gym. Play squash once a week for a month, choosing a different time slot every time – include weekends in your schedule. Exercise in the morning the one week, at lunchtime the next and before dinner the third week. Go swimming at the local pool. And at the beach. You may not get as much benefit as the person who has an optimal exercise routine, but at least you’ll stay healthy.

Good luck. Do it with your Working Style!

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