Thursday, August 16, 2012

What does your classroom look like?

Do you still remember the squeak of chalk at school and blackboards that were black? Passing notes? Waiting for the bell to ring? Can you picture the bleak rows of desks, carved by generations of bored students into hearts and slogans? Can you feel the heat pulsating from the coal furnace? Ok, maybe not coal furnace....

What's changed since then? In first-world countries, blackboards have turned white and multimedia; classrooms have heat pumps and new desks. In developing countries, children sit on the floor and they don't have textbooks. But is that such a bad thing?

Not at all, according to Barbara Prashnig, an international expert in education and learning according to your strengths. Some children actually exhibit a learning style preference for learning in a more relaxed environment, away from the formality a desk and an upright posture brings. Similarly, lots of children don't well learn from books, preferring instead to listen to the teacher's stories and applying the lesson to real life examples.

What does your child prefer: floor or desk? Textbook, video, or field trip? Find out today.

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