Friday, August 10, 2012

News Flash!!! New Group Profiles!!!

This is what everybody's been asking for, and we've delivered. The only of its kind in the world, our new-look free Group Profiles provide you with totally novel insights into your class and your students' learning.

A group profile is a summary of all the learning strengths and flexibilities in your class. It explains what makes pupils:

· misbehave,

· fail to do their homework,

· do poorly in tests,

· hand in their projects late.

Creative Learning instruments for assessing Learning Styles identify 48 learning elements. That’s a lot of information to remember per student! Group Profiles give teachers a snapshot of their students’ learning needs and pitfalls.

Would you like to see a sample? Email us, or log into your account and click on any existing Learning Style group profile. That's right! The changes are already implemented, so there's no need for you to upgrade anything. And yes, it's free!

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