Thursday, September 08, 2011

Parents and Working Styles

What can you change to achieve a better environment in which to be a parent? Think about your daily schedule and about your house, in the context of your Working Style preferences.

· If you hate early mornings, can your partner take the early parenting shift?

· If the bright house lights make you see red, it’s a good investment to change them, before they affect your health and the well-being of those around you.

· The mess is the biggest problem for you? Then make one room in the house a no-go zone for the children: the kitchen, your bedroom, the laundry. Take refuge there with a cup of coffee whenever there are more than 11 toys lying around on the floor.

· Do your partner’s eyes glaze over when you say: “Right. Please take out the garbage, feed the children: the lasagna is in the oven, turn it off in fifteen minutes, remember the teeth, don’t let them watch too much TV, I’ll be back at nine”? If so, find another way of communicating with him (a written list, a recorded message, a video even if you have a camera with playback). The extra effort will be well worth the end result.

· Get enough sleep. Parents who are night owls by nature tend to do chores or have couple-time till late in the evening, then feel exhausted come morning.

· If you’re a planner, plan every day at home with the children as though you were a manager in a big company: plan the outings, the meals, the crafts and what music you’ll put on. If you are a spontaneous person, let your imagination dictate what you do every day and don’t stress trying to execute a plan just because everybody else seems to do it that way.

· If the kids do something that annoys you, put yourself in time-out with a large box of chocolates.

· Most important of all: have fun with your children. It’s the best way to de-stress.

If all this sounds too simple and obvious to make a difference, think again. Every journey consists of small steps. And you are about to make a giant leap towards a healthier happier you. Start with discovering your own Working Style.

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Natalie Hunter said...

I'm all for the organized room in the house. I've always found that I've had to have to keep something like that when I've had lots of messy housemates, haha.

Unrelatedly, do you accept guest posts for your blog? I would've emailed you but I can't seem to find your contact info. Drop me a line at nataliehntr86 at gmail, thanks!