Thursday, September 22, 2011

Homework + Learning Styles = The Creative Way

The Question of Creativity

Is homework in your household creative? Creativity is the ability to produce something new, to generate unique ideas and solutions. The process of creating should be a fun energizing activity. Is homework in your household fun and energising?

Learning Styles
It should be. It can be. With the help of learning styles.

Kinesthetic - the child learns better through own physical experiences:

·        Bake a cake together to teach conversion from grams to kilograms.
·        Pantomime or act out a history lesson.
·        Play a board game to discover new facts.
·        Take a field trip to the zoo, a court house, a factory.

Tactile - the child has a strong need to use hands when learning:
·        Make use of question-answer jig-saw puzzles), electro- boards (a bulb lights up for every correct answer), flip chutes, etc.
·        Encourage your child to make their own memory aids: sculptures of molecules or board games depicting new topics.

Visual - the child remembers and understands best through watching:
·        Create a mind-map, illustration, cartoon, poster, slide show, costume, historical time line, illustrated report.
·         Watch a DVD about the topic (“The King and I” about Thailand, “Little Einsteins”).

Auditory - the child likes to interact verbally:
·        Make a learning tape together with your child. Let her explain the new topic into the tape recorder.
·        Discuss the lesson together.
·        Encourage your child to compose and record a song, a poem or a radio play about the topic (e.g., World War II, global warming, flower pollination, Mexico).
What is your child's learning style? Find out.

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